Why Private At-Home Swim Lessons Are the Best Option During COVID-19


As North Carolina and the rest of the country continues to deal with the effects of COVID-19, we are all craving some level of normalcy.

Parents and children alike have had their routines disrupted in ways that would have seemed to be a foreign concept a year ago.

What can a concerned parent do to provide their children with some structure, education, and, dare we ask—some fun?

As the summer months continue to rage on and temperatures are reaching record highs in N.C., Triangle parents should try this new solution that is both educational and cool (literally and figuratively).

InstaSwim’s private at-home swim lessons provide a safe, controlled environment which allows you to observe and be a part of your child’s swimming success.

As swim schools across the nation continue to struggle to provide the needed peace-of-mind to allow you to send your children for lessons, InstaSwim uses a unique approach to provide lessons with an experienced, trusted, and results-focused instructor who comes to teach in the comfort of your own pool.

The instructors are put through a COVID-19 screening process to ensure they are symptom-free prior to beginning lessons. At your request, they will wear protective face coverings to further ensure you that your family’s safety is their top priority.

Beyond the COVID-19 protocol, at-home swim lessons with InstaSwim provide structure and routine for your family with flexible scheduling to suit your family’s needs.

The thoroughly vetted instructors design lessons tailor-made to each child’s skillset to focus on advancing them to the next stage of becoming an independent swimmer.

Plus, since children are exploratory by nature, InstaSwim has found that kids learn best when they’re having fun. Therefore, their lessons not only teach the necessary life skill of swimming but they also make the lessons so much fun that kids don’t realize they’re learning through repetition and muscle memory!

Swim lessons tend to provide parents with perspective and joy—as you watch your children learn at home, you will get to see the magic happen firsthand! These moments are far and few between, so InstaSwim’s instructors are committed to making sure your family is satisfied with the overall experience.

Visit InstaSwimUSA.com to register and find at-home swim instructors in the Triangle.

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