What Do You Do With Baby Blankets?

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I love baby blankets. Maybe it’s because I loved the baby phase. But, really, most blankets are beautiful. I have some hand-sewn ones from my own crib.

But now my babies are no longer babies. And a baby blanket does not even begin to wrap their kindergarten-size bodies. But I couldn’t give their blankets away—not even the one blue-and-pink striped one we stole from the hospital.

What can I do with them? I got an idea from race expos, of all places. I am a runner, and when you pick up your race packet, there is usually a big showcase of companies selling runners things—socks, hats, runner food. At nearly every expo, there is company that will take your race T-shirts and turn them into a quilt.

So I decided to make sort of a quilt out of my children’s baby blankets. I turned them into one big blanket by sewing them all together. I didn’t do it personally. I took them a tailor, and she did it for a small price. If you know your way around a sewing maching, this is a piece of cake. (Mastering a sewing maching is on my bucket list.)

Now, my kids’ baby blankets fit their beds. They love sleeping under them. And I love it because I don’t have 10 baby blankets taking up space in my kids’ closets.

Leah Friedman is a mother of two and a professional organizer, who owns Raleigh Green Gables. She works with clients to help them clear the space to be in deeper relationships with themselves, their loves and their lives. And, yes, she lives what she preaches at home with a clean playroom, a clothes closet organized by color and an empty attic.

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