WCPSS Year-Round Students Head Back to School July 10

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Approximately 43,000 WCPSS students will head back to school during the month of July, and students in 36 multi-track year-round schools head back Monday, July 10. Five modified calendar schools start Monday, July 24. And seven Track 4 schools will round out the July group on Monday, July 31. Visit the WCPSS website for a complete calendar.


WCPSS officials suggest checking bus routes, as many stops have changed. The WCPSS transportation website provides information about bus routes and customer support. Parents should check routes before the first day of school, as changes may have occurred since the last school year ended. Routes are updated regularly.

ID tags for children

WCPSS is standardizing the practice of using identifier tags for elementary students that use school transportation. Having a consistent procedure will help our drivers to better serve students, especially our youngest riders. The tags will include school and transportation information to help students use the correct route and stop. The tag will be placed in a plastic holder that will be attached to a student’s book bag. Tags for Pre-K, kindergarten and first-grade students will be bright red and tags for 2nd through 5th graders will be yellow.

Once schools place these tags on student book bags, students should keep them attached. Bus drivers will look to see that students have tags when boarding the bus in the morning. In the afternoon, bus riders will be required to have a tag in order to board the bus. At the start of the school year, some students may use a temporary bus pass while they are being assigned school transportation.

Tips for new bus riders

During the first few weeks of school, parents and students are asked to practice patience as bus routes stabilize. 

  • Students should arrive at the bus stop 15 minutes early. Buses sometimes run off-schedule during the first weeks of school as students and bus drivers settle into the routine. Please be patient. 
  • Parents should be present at the child's bus stop to ensure the child arrives and departs safely.
  • In the afternoon, drivers will only discharge pre-K, kindergarten, and first-grade students when a responsible person is present to pick them up. If no one is present, the child will be returned to the school or district office.
  • Parents and children should memorize bus route numbers and stops. Parents will need these in the event of an emergency.
  • If children need to cross the street to board the bus, parents should teach them to wait until the crossing control arm is completely deployed, to look and listen to make sure all vehicles are stopped, and to cross the street in front of the bus.

Motorists, be alert. 

With the return of students to schools, motorists are asked to drive safely and obey all traffic laws around school buses and bus stops.

School Meals

The Wake County Board of Education approved a price increase for 2017-18 school lunches.

At elementary schools, full-paid lunches will increase 10 cents to $2.35. 

At middle and high schools, full paid lunches will increase 10 cents to $2.60.

To be compliant with the Paid Lunch Equity requirement of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, WCPSS needed to increase lunch prices. The WCPSS meal prices remain below the USDA issued Paid Lunch Equity 2017-18 lunch price of $2.86. Federal law requires school districts to increase the lunch price a minimum of $.10 each year until the Paid Lunch Equity is established. 

Even with the price increase, school lunch continues to be a great value. Meals are nutrient rich and include low fat dairy, whole grains, lean meats, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables with a variety of offerings for students to choose from daily.

School breakfast is a great value, too! Breakfast prices are not increasing. Full paid breakfast will remain $1.25 at elementary schools and $1.50 at middle and high schools.  

The meal prices remain reasonable compared to other school systems in North Carolina. 

Parents can contribute to their child’s school meals account at MySchoolBucks.com or call 855-832-5226. 

Parents can also enroll in a no-cost, secure service sponsored by MySchoolBucks to receive email alerts when their child's account balance is low and to ensure that their child always has funds to make meal or other item purchases. This service does not require online payments. 

New Application Process

Beginning next school year, parents who are based at a traditional school can apply for a year-round school during the magnet application period. This will occur in January 2018 for the 2018-19 school year. 

More information will be shared on our website in coming months.

Text Messaging Program

Want to know how to prepare your young child for school? Just pick up your phone! Ready4K is a text messaging program for families of children ranging in age from birth to those currently enrolled in kindergarten. The program sends three weekly cell phone texts to families, offering tips for preparing their children for success in school. The text messages include a variety of tips on boosting children’s literacy skills and provide simple practices for parents to do with their children. Texts are available in English and Spanish. Parents may enroll in Ready4K at any time. While the service itself is free, it is important to note that cell phone providers' data and message rates may apply. Visit wakeupandread.org for more information and to enroll.  

WAKE Up and Read is a local coalition of literacy focused agencies including WCPSS. It aims to boost childhood literacy by providing access to resources and is partnering with Ready4K for this service.

Source: Wake County Public School System


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