Wake County Youth Call for School-Based Health Centers

Actionnowteam For Odile

A group of Wake County high school youth is spearheading an effort called Action Now! to create school-based health centers in the county.

As part of community-focused jobs at Youth Empowered Solutions, the team of five youth determined an important adolescent health need in the area. (Pictured from left are Doug Pluta, Dynasty Winters, Chelsea Hollenquest, Rachel Skwerer and Shaquita Williams.) The teens chose to advocate for school-based health centers because they had concerns about the limited availability of school nurses in the county.

With $100 million of federal grant funds available for the construction of such health centers through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) School-Based Health Centers Capital Program, the youth’s venture comes at a good time.

Program Director Parrish Ravelli says the youth sorted through long lists of recommendations to determine a course of action.

Youth Empowered Solutions is funded by the John Rex Endowment and engages young people in addressing adolescent health issues at the community level.

In a recent interview, Action Now! members said they are working hard to get community leaders on board with the project.

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