U.S. Adopts Stricter Crib Standards

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Planning to use a secondhand crib? Think again. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently adopted new standards requiring U.S. cribs to meet stricter safety guidelines. Drop-side cribs are now banned, as are kits designed to immobilize drop sides. In recent decades, drop sides have caused deaths and serious injuries. An infant or child may become entrapped in a gap created by the drop side. Also, crib slats must now be made from stronger, more durable woods and stronger hardware.

Crib mattress support requirements have also increased. Mattresses must now be able to support a 45-pound weight being dropped repeatedly onto it. And finally, tougher testing techniques will help crib safety features stand the test of time and use by infants and toddlers.

For more information and a video on the new guidelines, go to www.cpsc.gov/info/cribs/index.html.

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