Tiger exhibit at Natural Science Center gets upgrade

Tiger Kisa Enjoying A Cool Fall Day In November

The tiger habitat at Greensboro’s Natural Science Center has been enhanced. Improvements included solving significant erosion problems, modifying the interior landscape, adding an additional five feet of height to the fence and preparing the exhibit for future involvement in Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and Species Survival Plan (SSP) breeding programs for tigers.

When the Animal Discover Exhibit was opened five years ago, the center was still in the process of applying for AZA accreditation. Lacking accreditation at the time, the center had to acquire non-breeding and non-genetically valuable animals for the exhibit. Natural Science Center director Glenn Dobrogosz says, “While we love Axl and Kisa, our current brother and sister tigers, they are getting older, and we need to be proactive in our future planning as we look to get involved in tiger breeding.”

For more information about the Natural Science Center and their tigers, visit natsci.org.