Tie Up Year-End School Tasks

It definitely makes life easier for your children, yourself and the school if you take time now to tie up loose ends so the current school year ends successfully. This way, the next school year begins without having to do anything related to the past year. The following tasks need to be completed before the last day of school:

* Make sure that you have talked with your children’s teachers about any special needs that need to be addressed over the summer. For example, not working on grade level in any subject requires some type of intervention during the summer.

* Check out textbooks that your children used this past year or will be using next year if it is possible and you want to do so. It is especially helpful to go back and review work in areas where your children had problems.

* Find out the dates of any special programs that the school will offer during the summer. Some schools have weekly library programs as well as sports activities.

* Sign up for remedial programs, if needed, or enrichment programs, if offered.

* Put in place plans for the next school year for students with special needs who have IEPs.

* Obtain necessary documents if children are going to transfer to another school.

* Finalize enrollment details of any special classes that your children will be in during the next school year, such as gifted and talented classes.

* Return all library books and textbooks and pay outstanding fines.

* Bring home all projects that students want to keep.

* Get phone numbers and e-mail addresses of friends that your children wish to see over the summer.

* Find out the dates when next year’s extracurricular activities begin as well as tryout dates. Many activities start before school is in session.

* Make it a point to thank teachers who have truly helped your children during the school year. Notes from children are especially appreciated.



Q: What do you think of a teacher who assigns making a pop-up book for a fifth grade book report? My all-thumbs son required so much help that it was my report. The month before he completed a report based on a board game.

You can’t say the assignments were not creative. The idea behind such assignments is to give children who are not writers the opportunity to shine. You can tell the teacher why you were unhappy about these assignments and ask that a few more choices be offered so the book reports can be done by the children — not their parents.

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