Throwing a Kickin’ Soccer Party

One Soccer Hair Bow

In July, every time I turned around there was a soccer game on, and boy did I love it! Based upon the TV ratings, I was clearly not alone. I played soccer a little growing up, and my husband and boys play now, so the World Cup became a fixture in our house, even after the U.S. team was eliminated. It is so fun to experience such a great international sport with the rest of the world.

So what follows a month of the World Cup? Soccer-themed parties, of course! It is honestly as inevitable as the explosion of Frozen themed parties! Boy, girls and grownups alike have all gone a little soccer crazy, which means that the first party theme on everyone’s mind is SOCCER.

You will be happy to know that throwing your own Kickin’ Soccer Party is pretty darn easy, or as easy as you want it to be. Whether you’re plan a first or 50th, I’ve got all of the tips you need to make it an awesome one!

Let’s start with my favorite — the favors. I’ve seen a lot of people lately calling for the end of party favors, and I couldn’t agree more when it comes to cheep plastic junk that is just going to end up in a donation pile, or worse yet, the trash. But, if you can make your own favors, I highly recommend carrying on the tradition.

DIY Soccer Hair Bows
You know that my favorite part of party prep is making fabulous favors, and these little beauties are quickly becoming my new favorite! I picked up soccer ball ribbon ($3.99 for 5 yards) and medium black hair bands ($2.50 for 40), which means these adorable favors are less than 50 cents each and don’t require advanced crafting skills.


DIY Soccer Hair Bows
– Soccer Ball Ribbon
– Black Hair Bands

1. Cut ribbon into 18 inch lengths
2. Tie a ribbon on hair band, then tie a bow

Yep, that’s it! For less than 50 cents each, you have a perfectly girly party favor that your guests can wear to their next soccer game. Sometimes the easiest favors to make are the best and the most popular.

Water Bottles
The other thing a soccer player can’t live without is a water bottle, so they too can make the perfect party favor. All you need are water bottles and maybe a few goodies to stash inside. Pick up a water bottle for each of your guests and fill them with granola bars, yogurt-covered raisins or Goldfish Crackers. Be sure to stick to soccer game fuel foods to not defeat the purpose of a fun and healthy favor.

Decorating for your soccer party can be as easy or as complicated as you’d like it to be. If you want to go all out, have at it. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget or just simply don’t have time to spare, do some strategic shopping. Although I usually tell you to skip the themed paper goods when you’re on a budget, this is one time I would tell you to grab them! Mixing in soccer ball plates is just perfect because they will do double duty as your decorations and food service must-haves.

You can also add some perfect off-beat touches to extend the theme throughout the party. Cute black-and-white polka dot straws are perfect soccer-straws.jpgfor your drinks. While they aren’t technically soccer balls, they look just like them! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when you’re shopping and mix in other fun solids and patterns.

Don’t forget your decoration basics like tablecloths and toys. At a soccer party, a plain green tablecloth will look just like a grassy soccer field, or black and white tablecloths can look just like a soccer ball. And never overlook the other free decorations around your house! Pull in the soccer net from the backyard to use as a backdrop on your food table (you’ll want to clean if first of course). Or use a pair of soccer cleats as your centerpiece.

When planning the entertainment for your soccer party, don’t overlook the obvious – a pickup soccer game in the back yard! Better yet, have your party at a local park and make the soccer game the main attraction.

You can also entertain your guest with a fun soccer movie playing in the background. Some fun ones might be:
-Kicking & Screaming
-Bend It Like Beckham

One of the best parts of picking a fun party theme like soccer, or just about any sport, is that you will have a fun relaxed time. Be sure you’re worrying more about having fun than whether all of your hair bows are perfectly positioned.

Happy partying!

Until next time,
aka Chick #1

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