The LEGO Movie Is a Riot For All Ages

If you’re like me, you’ve never owned a set of LEGOs, never spent more than a few minutes with the multicolored blocks splayed out before you. You maybe never, even as a child, understood its appeal. But just wait until you see The LEGO Movie. A joy from start to finish, it tells the story of Emmet (Chris Pratt), a stereotypical construction-worker LEGO figure taking part in the day-in day-out lifestyle of his conformist city, Bricksburg. Sounds boring, but Emmet loves it. He loves waking up in the morning, buying his hideously-overpriced cup of coffee ($30+), and singing his favorite song (“Everything Is Awesome”) the whole way. Emmet loves popular TV, popular music, and his friends. The problem is, he’s such a conformist his “friends” don’t have much reason to remember him.

When Emmet accidentally falls down a hole at his construction site, the track of his life is altered forever. In the hole, he is transfixed by an unnameable red prism, and this odd discovery is what places Emmet as “The Special”—the one chosen to defeat the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell) before his diabolical plot can come to fruition on—laughably—Taco Tuesday.

Unconvinced of his righteous new status, Emmet nonetheless finds himself among some Master Builders intent on overthrowing Lord Business. This crew includes the beautiful Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks); Batman (Will Arnett); a wizard named Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman); and more. Together they travel to stay ahead of Lord Business and his right-hand man, Bad Cop, all the while hoping Emmet will use this time to step into his own power as a Master Builder.

Prepare for gags and laughs thrown at you a mile a minute—really good ones, too. The Lego Movie whizzes around in stop-action-like animation (it’s actually computer-animated), and it won’t take a Lego pro to understand why it deserves two thumbs up. My suggestion? Take the entire family. You’ll all leave smiling.

Andrea Fisher is a Triad-based writer, movie lover, and content specialist for 4tv. She has been published in a variety of publications, including the Chicago Tribune and Business Insider. Check out more of her tips @andreafisher007.

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