The Goddard Schools Donate 46,500 Diapers and Wipes to Diaper Train

Initially, the schools set out to raise 10,000 diapers and wipes, but they overwhelmingly exceeded their goal
Photo courtesy of The Goddard Schools
Preschoolers in the Triangle area organize donations from the diaper drive.

The Goddard Schools recently announced the success of a recent diaper drive for the Diaper Train, an organization that provides diapers to low-income families. The program, run by volunteers, serves 1,000 children each month. Initially, the schools set out to raise 10,000 diapers and wipes, but exceeded this by raising 46,500 diapers/wipes during the past two months.

"For many infants and young children, and even some older children and adults, diapers are simply a necessity. Many people don’t realize, but diapers cannot be purchased with food stamps by those in need," says Malay Jindal, on-site owner of The Goddard School in Raleigh. "Elizabeth Futrell, a preschool teacher, recognized this as a way of teaching children the value of community service through aiding those less fortunate and proposed the idea of a diaper drive."

The diaper drive was a great community-mind initiative to teach the children the importance of helping others and how they can make a difference in their local community. 

"Without diapers, infants and young children cannot go to childcare or participate in early childhood education. And, without childcare, parents cannot go to work or school," Jindal says. "Laying the foundation to good citizenship is fostered through the development of four essential skills: friendship, compassion, cooperation and kindness."

Source: The Goddard Schools


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