The Dentzel Carousel Celebrates 100 Years

You spin me right 'round, baby 'right round
The Dentzel Carousel celebrates 100 yeas at Pullen Park

March 28, 2021, marked the 100 year anniversary of the Dentzel Carousel being part of Pullen Park. This carousel has had quite the ride over its lifetime from its inception in the early 1900s, to its time in Bloomsbury Park, to its current home in Pullen Park. The community is ready to celebrate and Raleigh Parks has created a month full of events to commemorate this historic relic.

Events for the month

There are many things to do this month to commemorate the carousel.

Every day in April:

Design an Animal: Think the attraction needs a new alligator, maybe a new ostrich? Design your picture perfect animal, send it via email to, and cross your fingers. Your animal could be the newest member to the herd.

Playing Cards: Pick up your own deck of playing cards featuring your favorite lovable menagerie. Only $5 and can be picked up at the gift shop.

Every Monday in April: 

Painting Mondays: Join Wine & Design for a crash course in painting a carousel animal. Kid-friendly classes are 4-6pm, while adult classes are 6-8pm. Neither involve wine or other alcoholic beverages. Registration is required and costs between $30-37.

Every Tuesday in April:

History Tuesdays: Learn all about the amusement park ride that made its home at Pullen Park for the last 100 years. This tour is is guided, free, and occurs every hour on the hour from 10am-5pm. No registration is required, but a phone call beforehand is appreciated. If you would prefer a virtual tour you can utilize Google Earth.

Every Wednesday in April:

Wurlitzer Wednesdays: Two is always better than one, right? Gain knowledge on the carousel’s two Wurlitzer organs. Afterwards, drop by the art station to make a Wurlitzer reel craft. This informational session is free and occurs every hour on the hour from 10am-5pm. No registration is required.

Every Thursday-Sunday in April: 

Carousel Ride & “Adopt” an Animal: Ride the carousel from 10am-6pm. After your adventure you can enter a drawing to “adopt” one of the may creatures on the carousel. If you win you will receive an adoption certificate and a picture with your new bundle of joy. Tickets for the attraction are $1.50 and can be purchased in person or online. Wellness checks and masks are required.

Every Thursday in April:

Carousel Crafting Thursdays: Get your creative juices going and do a free craft anytime from 10am-5pm. No registration required.

Every Friday in April:

Photography Fridays: Take a photography class with Ashlyne Bowman from 5-6pm. Afterwards, you’ll get a photo on the carousel. This is a free event but registration is required.

Every Sunday in April: 

Snazzy Sundays: Don your best 1920s costume and look dapper as you walk around the park. This event is all day and free. No registration required.

Pullen Park

Check out all the events happening this spring in Pullen Park.

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