Thanksgiving Crafts Kids Will Love

Turkey Jar
Photo courtesy of Laura Kelly Designs

Take a crafty approach to Thanksgiving decorations this year by suggesting these fun crafts the kids are sure to enjoy.

Turkey Table Decoration

This turkey jar is fun to make and great to use for decorating the Thanksgiving table. It can hold silverware and napkins or be used as a vase for flowers. It’s a great craft for the entire family or a group of kids to make together.

You will need:

Felt (brown, black, orange and red)

Brown acrylic paint and paintbrush


Googly Eyes


The first step is to paint the jar and let it dry. Next, cut feathers, a beak and a wattle from the felt. When the paint is dry, glue the felt pieces and googly eyes to the jar.

Photo courtesy of Laura Kelly Designs

Turkey Place Card Holder

These turkey place card holders are made of clay and perfect for a variety of ages. If stored carefully, they can be used year after year.

You will need:

Skulpey Bake Shop clay (brown, black, orange, white and red)


Shape the brown Sculpey clay into two balls for the turkey’s body and five cylinder shapes for fanning out into the turkey’s wings. Shape the black Sculpey into two round eyes. Shape the white Sculpey into a small round nose and the red Sculpey into a wattle. Finally, shape the orange Sculpey into six turkey toes (three for each foot). Put it all together as illustrated in the photos.

Next, straighten a paperclip then reshape it into a spiral that can protrude from the turkey’s head. This can be used to hold the place card.

These crafts were provided by North Carolina artist Laura Kelly, creator of Laura Kelly Designs. Find more of her crafts at

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