Teachers Who Don’t Belong in the Classroom

Question: In many schools, there are teachers who simply do not belong in the classroom. Quite often, the administration is aware of this but finds it difficult to do anything about it. What can parents do?

Those in education will tell you that you can’t transfer every kid out of a bad teacher’s classroom. Why not? If 30 sets of parents want their children shifted, it’s a pretty strong sign to the administration that they need to at least take a long hard look at why. – Dissatisfied

Answer: Administrations can’t realistically transfer every student away from a teacher just because parents are clamoring for them to do so. Of course, this situation certainly does force administrations to initiate some action. If a teacher is not tenured, he or she can be dismissed for a performance that does not meet the school’s standards. Also, when administrators become aware that a teacher is having problems, things can often be turned around if the teacher receives help from the administration and fellow teachers.

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