Super School Supplies for a Marvel-ous Year!

Back-to-school gear for the heroes in your life
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Calling all Super Kids and their Marvel-ous parents! The school year is lurking like Thanos searching for the last Infinity Stone, but fear not, because we have everything you need to make this school year incredible!

From themed gear to innovative designs featuring improved strength and performance, these supplies will help you earn Wonder Mom and BatDad status.

JanSport Pixar-Themed Backpacks

What’s the easiest way to ensure an incredible year for your student? With an “Incredibles 2” themed backpack, of course. JanSport, known for its lifetime backpack warranty, is offering a wide selection of Pixar-themed products this school year. The “My Way or the Runway” Incredibles Superbreak Backpack, for example, features the sharp and sassy Edna. (“No capes!”); $44.


Fiskars Color Change Scissors

Jack Jack may have picked up some cool new tricks in “Incredibles 2,” but he’s not the only one. If you’ve ever read a recommended school supply list, the name “Fiskars” is not new to you. A preferred scissors brand for teachers everywhere, Fiskars recently released a fun new option featuring heat-activated color changing handles. Available in Walmart stores only; $3.


Elmer’s Glow in the Dark Glue

Glue remains an essential school supply for most kids. If you haven’t already bought it in bulk to get your child through six years of elementary school, pick up a bottle of Elmer’s Glow in the Dark Glue. It comes in liquid form that has a kryptonite-like affect, but in pink, blue or natural colors.; $4.49.


Emtec Superhero USB Drives

Remember the first time you had a floppy disk as part of your school supply list? Today’s kids use USB, or flash, drives to store and back up digital files. Emtec’s Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and other superhero — or villain — USB drives feature sleek designs and 16 gigabytes of storage.; $29.99 for a 2-pack.


Five Star 3-Inch Binder with a Removable Padded Case

Five Star has been a household name in school supply gear ever since its “Built Strong to Last Long” slogan had kids begging for the toughest name in notebooks. This school year, Five Star has expanded its super strength theme with the superhero-worthy hashtag #StrengthNotStress. The 3-inch binder with a removable padded case includes a pouch that can hold a tablet (paper or electronic) and divide items by class, as well as a patent-pending removable strap.; $22.99-$29.99.


Post-It Flag+ Ballpoint Pen and Highlighter

The best superheroes are versatile. They can do it all. The same goes for this Post-it Flag+ Ballpoint Pen and Highlighter. It’s a pen, highlighter and Post-it flag dispenser all in one, making it a versatile note taking tool.; $6.39.


DC Comics Reusable Snack Bags

Who’s going to save the planet from sheer destruction? Your child is! These reusable sandwich and snack bags will encourage your child to channel his or her inner Captain Planet (while displaying, on the outside, slightly more popular superheroes).; $5.95.


Nalgene Marvel Water Bottle

Fly into the new school year with super-power hydration using a Nalgene Marvel-themed water bottle. A partnership between Nalgene and Marvel offers new bottles from 2018’s hottest Marvel films, “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” as well as classics like “Spider-Man” and “Captain America.” The water bottles are bisphenol A-free and dishwasher safe.; $12.99-$16.

Mandy Howard is a mother of three and freelance writer in Raleigh.


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