Summer is Time to Clean Out Toys

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Let’s be honest. Summer break can drive us parents nuts. Everyone is out of their routine, and, younger children, especially, don’t understand why there is no school.

Want a way to ease up the summer stress? Clean out your toys.

I bet toys are everywhere in your house since everyone is home all day. And, I will bet that it’s overwhelming and makes your blood pressure rise.

Take a few hours or a day and go through toys that your children have outgrown. If you pare down the toys, it will be easier for you and kids to manage, and it will be faster to clean them all up. (Though, you know that I say kids should clean up their own toys.)

Unfortunately, not many charities take used toys. Instead, call friends and ask if they want the toys. Put them on Facebook. Forget a lemonade stand. Let your kids to put together a toy sale, place them on the front porch for people to drive by and check out. Throw out toys that are broken or missing pieces. 

Trust me. If you clear out the toys, you will breathe easier this summer.

Leah Friedman is a mother of two and a professional organizer, who owns Raleigh Green Gables. She works with clients to help them clear the space to be in deeper relationships with themselves, their loves and their lives. And, yes, she lives what she preaches at home with a clean playroom, a clothes closet organized by color and an empty attic.

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