Storybooks for Soldiers Campaign Lets Kids Hear Their Parents Read Stories

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Thousands of miles will separate many soldiers from their families this holiday season, yet children can hear their deployed parents read a story through the Storybooks for Soldiers Campaign launched by Lynn’s and Daphne’s Hallmark shops.

Lynn’s and Daphne’s Hallmark stores are accepting donations for recordable storybooks. Each book will be sent overseas to soldiers on 10 bases in Afghanistan so they can record themselves reading and send the book back as a present to their families in the U.S.

Various shops will officially promote this year’s campaign by hosting special parties July 16 to celebrate the Storybook Campaign, but you can donate at any time. The estimated cost of one storybook is $19.95, but all participating stores will pay the sales tax and all shipping expenses. Any donation amount will be warmly accepted and greatly appreciated.

“This project is such a rewarding way to reach out to our service men and women and to their families, especially during the holidays,” said Chris Ashworth, company spokesperson.

The campaign is a generous way to give back to soldiers who are not only missing valuable family time, but risking their lives as well. In addition to a feeling of gratification, donating parties will also receive a coupon for 20 percent off their next store visit.

It may seem early to start the campaign, but timing is important. The stores need to have enough time to collect the donations and send the books to the soldiers. Likewise, soldiers need enough time to record their voices and send the books back to the U.S. The entire process could take up to three or more months.

The first Storybook Campaign took place last year and raised more than $18,000, which was enough to provide 624 books. Expectations for this year’s donations are even higher.

The Lynn’s and Daphne’s Hallmark stores plan to continue the Cards for Combat project. To participate, purchase and donate a 99-cent card starting Aug. 1. The cards will be donated to soldiers so they will be able to send a very special greeting to their loved ones.

Some shops have also sent books to Fort Lee in Virginia, as a way to recognize the efforts made by the military.

The Storybook Campaign and the Cards for Combat project are not political, but ways to thank the troops and their families for the immense sacrifices they make.

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