Stand Up to Fight Fat

Fitness Walking 001

Fat cells thrive on the inactivity of sitting, expanding in the muscle and creating “stripes” of fatty tissue, according to research by Israeli scientist Amit Gefen published in the American Journal of Physiology’s Cell Physiology.

The study suggests that individuals should pay attention to more than just caloric intake. If your daily life is often sedentary, it’s important to stand up regularly and walk or move around, if at all possible.

In lab experiments, Gefen and his fellow researchers analyzed preadipocyte cells – the precursor to fat cells – that were stretched from pressure that mimicked that of sitting constantly or being bedridden. After four weeks, those cells contained as much as 50 percent more fat than nonstretched cells. Over time, the lines of fat cells began to invade major muscles throughout the body.

The researchers concluded that the cells’ responsiveness to their mechanical environment affected fat production. For more information, visit and search for Amit Gefen.

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