Spring Crafts for the Un-Crafty

Easter Bunny Whiskers

I have no doubt that you are just as excited about spring as I am. This has been a LONG winter and I am so anxious to see the tulips in the front yard bloom and cherry blossom trees burst with color. Disclaimer: My thumbs may be crafty, but they are anything but green so the likelihood that my anticipated timing of tulips and cherry blossom trees blooming being off is somewhere close to 100 percent. 🙂 But, I am excited, nonetheless. easter-bunny-whiskers.jpg
One thing I do know is that spring crafts are some of my favorite, unexpected crafts. Unexpected crafts are the best because there are no unreasonable expectations or even the anticipation of something ingenious. They are simply a pleasant surprise and who doesn’t like surprises?!?

Spring is the perfect time to pull out all of your pastel papers, egg dye and sprinkles! One of my favorite spring crafts to make with my little men are Easter Bunny Whiskers. Last year, we made these for all of the kids at school with a cute note attached that said, “Hop into spring with your very own Bunny Whiskers!” My proudest moment of that craft extravaganza was that my hubby ran to the craft store to pick up pipe cleaners when we ran out. He’s a keeper!  

I like to tout these adorable whiskers as a craft for the un-crafty. Honestly, even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, but can manage to use a hot glue gun, you’re good to go! This also makes Bunny Whiskers the perfect craft for the whole family. So pull together all of your supplies set up a space on the kitchen table and have the whole family make their own Bunny Whiskers to use in your family Easter photo.

Easter Bunny Whiskers

White pipe cleaners
Pink pom poms
Popsicle sticks
Hot glue gun

Simply cut your pipe cleaners in half, stack 3 on top of each other, fan them out like whiskers, place a dollop of hot glue to the top of your popsicle stick and press the center of your pipe cleaner whisker on top. Add an additional dollop of hot glue on top of the center of your whiskers and add a pink pom pom.

Tips: Personalize your Bunny Whiskers by writing everyone’s name on the popsicle stick.

Repurpose ideas:
There are countless other ways you can use these Bunny Whiskers and this simple crafting formula, and you know I love nothing more than a simple tip that will do double duty:
 – Use personalized Bunny Whiskers as place cards for your Easter brunch or spring dinner with the neighbors. 
 – Add the Bunny Whiskers to your photo booth prop stash. 
 – Include Bunny Whiskers in everyone’s Easter basket. 
 – Black pipe cleaners + red pom pom = Cat in the Hat Whiskers. 
 – Red pipe cleaners + black pom pom = Clifford Whiskers. 
 – Brown pipe cleaners + red pom pom = Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

Don’t forget to add your Bunny Whiskers to your spring decorations box, so you can pull them out for years to come.


Easter Egg Krispy Treats

Have you ever tried to get crafty with your krispy treats? It is easier than you might think. Krispy treats are an amazingly versatile treat that can be made in any color in the rainbow and shaped into just about any shape imaginable. Honestly.

Easter Egg Krispy Treats

Rice cereal
Butter (coconut oil or vegetable shortening)
Food color
Plastic sandwich bags

Follow the instructions on the box of rice cereal or marshmallows to make a batch of Krispy Treats. When your marshmallows are melted, drop in a few drops of your desired food coloring before you mix in the rice cereal, remembering that when you add the cereal your color will lighten a bit. As soon as you have mixed in your rice cereal, coat two plastic sandwich bags with butter (coconut oil or vegetable shortening) to use as gloves. Pick up a small handful of krispy treats and shape it into an egg. Place the completed eggs on waxed paper to cool. Be sure not to make your eggs too big or they will be hard to bite into.

Tips: If you are feeling extra adventurous, divide your melted marshmallows into multiple bowls so you can make a number of different colored Easter Egg Krispy Treats! You can also substitute rice cereal with Fruity Pebbles cereal for extra colorful eggs without the need for food coloring.

I can’t wait to see how you take these ideas and make them your own!  Happy Spring 🙂

Until next time,
aka Chick #1


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