Southern Smash to Host Eating Disorder Awareness Event

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Southern Smash challenges women to redefine their worth and beauty by letting go — symbolically and literally — of those perfect numbers that weigh them down, says founder McCall Dempsey, who suffered from an eating disorder for 15 years.

Since November 2012, Dempsey’s organization has been staging eating disorder awareness events at college campuses throughout the South. Southern Smash will be at UNC-Chapel Hill on Monday, Oct. 28, smashing scales from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at various locations. Participants are invited to bring their bathroom scales to smash with a sledgehammer. (For safety purposes, the scales are first swathed in bubble wrap.)

There will also be a free, open-to-the-public panel discussion on eating disorders and body image at 6 p.m. at the Carolina Union, Room 3408. The panel is scheduled to include:

– Christy Baker Rogers, clinical director of Carolina House, a treatment center

– Jenn Burnell, nutritionist, Carolina House

– Cristin Runfola, postdoctoral fellow, UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders

– Stephanie Zerwas, associate research director, UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders

– Colleen Daly, founder, Embody Carolina

– McCall Dempsey, founder, Southern Smash, blogger

“We are not trying to rid the world of scales, but rather to leave the concern about numbers to the professionals,” says Dempsey. “We’re advocating living a wholehearted and authentic life. We’re about letting go of what ties us down.”

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