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I’ve always been a “Do-it-myself” kind of chick. As a young girl, it started out innocently enough with me learning to braid my hair in intricate patterns (when you have crazy-thick hair like I do, you have to do something to contain it). It slowly progressed to me altering my own clothes in middle school, learning basic Web code in high school. Now I’ve reached the level of “Mrs. Fix it” around my house. Ask my co-workers. Despite my fully-capable husband, I’m often the one who puts things together, replaces broken faucets or jumps on the roof to secure tarp over a leak.

No, I don’t have some uncanny knack for fixing things, but I’m pretty good at following directions and I’m determined to get things done.

Need-less-to-say, the growing D.I.Y. culture fits with my lifestyle.

I love the feeling I get when I can be creative and accomplish something worthwhile at the same time. I’d like to share that feeling with you.

“d.i.y. crea|tivi|ty” is a new Carolina Parent blog aimed to help you immerse yourself in activities, crafts, etc. for fun, self-enrichment & personal growth.

I want to focus on helping you become more efficient, organized, self-satisfied while also suggesting activities, crafts and worksheets to help you maintain a positive relationship with your family.

For our first activity, I want to do something fairly simple, but fun and with lots of room to make it your own.

All Natural Sugar Scrubs

The recipe is very simple:

2 cups raw sugar
1/2 cup almond oil
1/4 cup apricot oil
jar for storage

Mix the oils together. Stir into the sugar.

For my sugar scrubs I like to add a little honey and pure coconut oil. They both are GREAT natural moisturizers, and for someone with dry skin, it works well.

You can add fragrance to your mix as desired. I add a bit of pure peppermint oil to mine (use sparingly, that stuff can be pretty strong) for a cool invigorating sensation.

Mix things up and add your own personal style to it.

Consider packaging your sugar scrubs in a cute jar, wrap it in tissue paper, secure it with a bow and give it to a well-deserving person you know.

These sweet concoctions will help keep you soft, smooth and sweet-smelling and it’s easy enough to do with your kids. They’d make a great gift-bag item for pre-teen parties!



Tivi Jones d.i.y. creativity— Written by Tivi Jones, Marketing Coordinator for Carolina Parent, writer, author and founder of d.i.y. crea|tivi|ty, a new blog that offers Triangle residents information and how-to’s on the coolest d.i.y. trends.




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