Sensory Friendly Films Available for Children with Autism

Recently, an article ran in a Canadian newspaper Theatre Turns Down the Sound, Welcomes kids with Autism to a Movie Morning.

“For the Thompson family, a movie outing can be a stressful experience,” writes Edmonton Journal reporter Alexandra Zabjek.

“Their younger son, Charlie, has autism. If he’s really enjoying a film, the 6-year-old might stand up and jump around, maybe flap his arms. That’s why a special Saturday morning movie screening for families with children with autism was so welcomed by the family.”

Thanks to Cineplex Entertainment and Autism Speaks Canada, “Sensory Friendly Screenings” became a regular occurrence at select theaters across Canada, offering a relaxed, fun, and accepting atmosphere for children with autism and their parents. 

Did you know AMC theatres and the Autism Society offer the same moviegoing experience for children and parents in North Carolina?

“Get up and dance, walk shout, or sing,” AMC theatres’ site declares!

Sensory Friendly Films are offered to families on a monthly basis in select communities. Auditoriums dedicated to the program leave their lights up, sound turned down, and make room for audience members to get up and move around, dance, shout, or sing as they see fit. The goal of the program is to provide a special opportunity for families to enjoy great films in a safe environment.

It all began when a parent of a child with autism requested a special screening at an AMC theatre in Columbia, Maryland – more than 300 children and parents ended up attending.

Now, the theater chain is proud to offer the program at multiple locations nationwide, including spots in and around North Carolina: Concord Mills 24 in Charlotte, Southpoint 17 in Durham, and more.

It’s a wonderful program. Check out the full list of participating AMC theatres, as well as upcoming movies!

Andrea Fisher is a Triad-based writer, movie lover, and blogger for 4tv. Check out more of her writing and reviews @andreafisher007.

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