Sensory Clubhouse Opening Soon in Chapel Hill

A clinic meets open play concept
Sensored Vibes
Sensored Vibes in Chapel Hill

Mark your calendars for July 17 when the Triangle gets its very first sensory clubhouse, Sensored Vibes. Designed for the neurodiverse community, this safe space will bring together kids, adults, parents, and professionals. Equally important, it will provide a sensory experience in an open play format. As owner Tynisha Doe says, “We want it to feel like your home away from home.”

Opening & Logistics

Located at 50101 Governors Drive, Suite #138 in Chapel Hill, you can expect a free opening event filled with an exclusive look at the space, food trucks, and fun! After July 17, regular hours will be 9am-6pm from Mon-Fri and Sat 9am-4pm. During these operating hours parents can bring their children, no matter what age or level, and enjoy the clubhouse. Parents are asked to stay on the premises while their youngsters navigate the space. Join as a member and pick from one of 4 options ranging from a bronze ($55/per month) to an all access membership ($250/per month) or get your feet wet with a daily play rate ($12-30).

For the Kids

Launching with over 10 different centers this sensory experience gives all children a chance to play in an environment that will feel comfortable to them. Are you a sensory seeker? Ride on a scooter board, swing across the monkey bars, or climb the rock climbing wall. In contrast, sit in the low stimulation room with the rocking chair, open seclusion space, and lava lamp to cut down on your sensory intake. Come often because elements of the clubhouse will always be changing. For example, the Mystery Room, catered to visual and auditory learners, will change monthly with varying visual imagery and music.

For Parents & Professionals

The fun is not just for the kids, but for the parents too! Comfy couches, chargers, Wi-Fi and a coffee bar will all be made available for your visit. In addition, Parent Night Ins and Outs will be held monthly. The former is an opportunity for parents to gather together and support each other in a safe social setting, while the latter is a chance for parents to drop off their kids and get an evening to themselves. Similarly, professionals who work with the neurodiverse are welcome to think of this space as collaborative and a resource for their work.

About the Owner

Owner, Tynisha Doe, is a licensed Occupational Therapist (OT) and has been practicing for 8 years. She has a personal relationship with the neurodiverse community, particularly with her younger brother who was diagnosed with autism at a young age. If you don’t spot her instantly on your visit, check the group of kids playing on the scooters. She’s probably riding right along with them.


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