Sade Nichol Volunteers in Durham

Make Diff Sade Soup Kitchen

Sade Nichol started volunteering very young. She was only 4½ years old when she began helping her mother with a soup kitchen in Durham. Sade, now 6, hands out food and juice to more than 100 people when she goes with her mother to the Lincolnton Community Center in Durham to feed the hungry.

“I wrap all the cakes in the foil and then people come and get them and we give juices and cakes and cupcakes sometimes,” says the young volunteer. “I have worked there for a long time, since I was almost 5.”

Sade’s mother, Charm Nichol, says she wanted to help her daughter have an attitude of gratitude by showing her there are less-fortunate people in the world. “For me it’s something I believe in, and I want to teach her young to appreciate what we have,” Charm Nichol says.

Nichol also believes other children have learned this lesson through her daughter. “One time a friend of Sade’s heard her talking about helping out and came with us to help. I think when kids talk about the fun things they do, even if it is helping others, then other kids start thinking about it and help out, too,” she says.

Sade received a $50 gift card from Kohl’s Department Store Kohl’s Kids Who Care program because she was selected as a store winner for her involvement with the community center project.

The young girl also occasionally gathers her old toys and takes them to the center so she can give them away – a great example that we are never too young (or old) to think about acts of kindness and making a difference.

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