Room We Love: A Girly, Not Gaudy Kids’ Room

The team at House of Nomad gives a little girl’s bedroom a playful, global-inspired look

Berkeley Minkhorst and Kelley Lentini, owners of House of Nomad, touched every room in their client’s custom build in Charlotte’s Quail Hollow. They warmed up the spacious, modern interior with global-inspired décor, which they brought into the 7-year-old daughter’s bedroom. “It’s not something out of the Disney store or completely disconnected from the rest of the house,” Minkhorst says. “It still has plenty of personality and it’s a space she can grow into.”—Taylor Bowler


Subtle Pinks

The homeowner requested twin beds, but left Minkhorst and Lentini to design the rest of the bedroom. “We knew the little girl really liked bunnies and she has a girly side, so we pulled in some pinks without going too far in one direction with one color,” Minkhorst says. They also worked with the overall theme of home, which has lots of wood and textural elements, adding mudcloth pillows and a plant from Malone’s Nursery.


Moroccan Vibes

Minkhorst and Lentini, who source many of their fabrics and home accents from around the globe, used vintage Moroccan rugs to upholster the two pillows. “The pink blankets and mudcloth pillows were hand-sourced from Morocco, and the mirror above dresser is a piece we designed in Bali,” Minkhorst says. They also put custom upholstered ottomans at the end of the beds for extra storage.


Room to Multiply

The room’s statement piece is the wallpaper, which features a bunny pattern by artist Hunt Slonem. Instead of filling the entire wall, they framed it out in molding and positioned the beds and side tables inside the framing. “The black and white gives it some sophistication, and with kids’ rooms, we want to create something that can last,” Minkhorst says. “It’s playful and sweet for that age group, but she can always make simple updates later.”



The warm weather of spring brings us out of our winter hibernation and into the mild, sunny outdoors. Then we ingest a lungfull of pollen, catch a glimpse of what the brutal winter has done to our yards, and then duck inside for some antihistamine and a few moments to regroup.

As you consider how pretty your property could be with colorful blooms and manicured mulch, you wonder how you will ever have the time to get it back to the point at which you would not mind inviting a few friends over for a casual evening of burgers and dogs on the grill. When you factor in soccer, baseball and softball schedules that are also jam-packed this time of year, the calendar seems unrelenting and a pretty yard an unattainable pipe dream.

Luckily, spring is a time of turmoil. High winds, thunder, lightning, driving rains and hail move through as if ushering out winter for good and holding the door wide open for spring. When such a storm does work its way through our area, I casually turn on the weather so everyone in the family hears the storm watch and warning announcements.

I then conjure up my most shocked face and mix it with my concerned, serious voice. With a distracted attitude, I anxiously announce, "We've got to get everything secured. We don't want that metal dump truck in the yard to become a deadline projectile!"

Once I start stacking plastic chairs and shoving them up against the house, the boys and Hubby gladly pitch in to clear the yard of potential projectiles. Every now and then, as I'm dragging a planter filled with herb seedlings to a safe location, I will calmly suggest that the bikes and air pumps be put away neatly so we don't end up with a cluttered garage.

I also strongly suggest that broken toys and trash be thrown away. And since we are throwing things away, I note that we might as well get the bits of trash that migrated onto our property over the winter months as well.

Those heavy downpours typically result in the cancelation of outdoor sports activities. Once the practice or game is cancelled and then the sun reemerges, we have a short window of time to accomplish spring yard work. With enough windows, a beautiful yard will emerge, rendering the property backyard barbeque worthy in no time.

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