REX Nurses, Caregivers Debut Lullaby CD for New Moms, Babies

Photo courtesy of Brian Strickland Photography
UNC REX employees record a CD of lullabies for parents and newborns.

This Mother’s Day, new moms at REX Women’s Center will be given songs to take home with their newborns. The gift — an original album of lullabies sung by UNC REX employees — was dreamed up by Meghan Presnell, a mother-baby nurse at the REX Women’s Center.

A former professional singer in Nashville, Presnell got the idea for the CD after overhearing many of her fellow nurses and other caregivers singing to new babies. She ran with the concept, recruiting volunteer amateur performers from among her co-workers.

Photo of Meghan Presnell below courtesy of Brian Strickland Photography

 “I knew we had some talented musicians and singers, but I was blown away by how this turned out,” Presnell says. “I wanted to give something back to moms and babies, and that inspired my idea of creating a gift of music, some of the first songs newborns will hear.”

The “What a Busy Day,” CD will be on sale for $5 in the REX Gift Shop starting May 5, with proceeds benefitting the REX Healthcare Foundation for support of the Women’s & Children’s Fund. The album features seven songs, including two originals, classic lullabies and contemporary music. Presnell sings lead vocals on several songs and backup vocals on others. The piano accompaniment is performed by Chris Morris, a retired law enforcement officer who now helps new parents install car seats in front of the REX Women’s Center.

Photo of CD cover courtesy of UNC REX Healthcare

Bunker Sound Productions in Chapel Hill recorded the CD over several days, and Blue Yonder Media produced it. For more information and to see a short video, visit

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