Repurpose Clothes for DIY Fairytale Halloween Costumes

Photo courtesy of N.C. Theatre
If you don't yet have a Halloween costume for your child, why not make your own with tips inspired by NC Theatre's production of "Into the Woods,"  coming Oct. 20-25 at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium? Turn your little one — or yourself — into Cinderella, Prince Charming,  Rapunzel, or Little Red Ridinghood this Halloween. 
Straight off the success of the hit motion picture, "Into the Woods," NC Theatre is featuring a live performance that tells the story of a Baker and his wife who embark on a quest to break a witch’s spell. On their journey “into the woods,” they cross paths with Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Cinderella and a host of other hysterically flawed fairytale characters. Now, just in time for Halloween, NC Theatre Wardrobe Supervisor, Kimberly Genna Bryant gives you tips on how to create costumes for all your fairytale favorites using items you already have in your closet.
Bryant recommends starting with everyday basics from your closet or a thrift store for the base and only purchasing accessories. This is a great way to keep costs down and is also a fun and engaging craft project for kids who want to have a hand in creating their own costumes. Kimberly, who has worked on 17 shows as wardrobe supervisor at N.C. Theatre, has no formal training but began creating her own costumes at an early age.
"It's the accessories that make the costume," she says. "Little Red Ridinghood must have a basket and a red cape. Cinderella needs a rag on her head."
The rest you can find in what you already own. 
Little Red Ridinghood
  • Choose any blouse and skirt you already own. 
  • Carry a basket from your kitchen.
  • All you need to purchase is the famous red cape. Can't find one? No problem! Grab a short skirt and cut it up one side to fashion it into a cape. 

Photo courtesy of N.C. Theatre

  • Select a long old skirt or a long skirt you can tear up a bit or sew patches on. 
  • Add a tucked in short-sleeve shirt from your closet. 
  • Tie your hair back with a bandana or rag and carry one in your hand as well. 

Photo courtesy of N.C. Theatre

  • Any pastel dress from your closet can work for Rapunzel. All you need to purchase is the long long blonde wig. 


Prince Charming
  • Take an old dark suit coat and cut it shorter in the front so the back hangs down longer. 
  • Wear your best dark dress pants and shoes. 
  • Use gold paint to paint a few pieces of rope and braid together. Drape from one shoulder of the jacket to the other side.
  • Have more time? Replace the dark buttons on the jacket with shiny gold buttons. 

Photo courtesy of N.C. Theatre

Ready to take it to the next step?
  • Pick up some floral paint from your local craft store to custom paint your shoes! Turn a pair of of boring black pumps into Cinderella’s "slippers as pure as gold" in a snap! 


North Carolina Theatre's production of INTO THE WOODS runs for eight performances at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Raleigh. For tickets visit
Angela Grant is N.C. Theatre's Audience Development Coordinator
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