Ready to Pay More to Sit Next to Your Kids on a Plane?

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If you’ve ever been forced to sit away from your children on a crowded plane, you know the anxiety that goes along with not being able to see them as you cruise thousands of feet up in the air.

Seat separation has happened to my family before and these are the thoughts that went through my mind: “What if an emergency arises, who will help my kids?” “Do they have their seat belt on?” “Do they need to go to the bathroom?” “Who is sitting next to them?” “Are they scared, sleepy, thirsty?”

Sitting apart from their children is a scenario that parents may have to get used to this summer, if they don’t want to pay more. An Associated Press story last week reported that families this summer are going to find it harder to sit together without paying fees that could cost hundreds of dollars over the original ticket price. But the AP also reported Sunday that Sen. Charles Schumer of New York is urging airlines to let families with young children sit together without paying extra.

Schumer is working to ward off the extra fees in two ways, according to the AP: 1) He’s asked federal government to issue rules to stop airlines from charging parents more to sit next to kids; and 2) He’s asking the airline industry’s trade group, Airlines for America, to talk carriers into voluntarily waiving the fee for families.

Granted that fuel prices are rising and airlines need to earn revenue to keep up with those costs, but we’re not talking about extra fees for carry on luggage, which incidentally Schumer successfully lobbied against two years ago. Kids are real human beings who need to be protected by their parents, and to do that-duh-we need to be next to them.

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