Ravenscroft School’s Hybrid Learning Model Empowers Kids and Parents

Ravenscroft Response Plan:





Ravens Return with Hybrid Learning Model

Following the spring semester’s historic shift to remote learning, Ravenscroft students and faculty have returned to campus for the new school year with a hybrid-learning model that provides flexibility and continuity as the state and nation continue to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.


The new school year started on Aug. 13 following mandatory safety training for all employees and students. New protocols and procedures include daily health screenings, mandatory face coverings, physical distancing and changes to daily routines to minimize exposure for teachers and students beyond their core class groupings.


Over the summer, Ravenscroft invested in technology upgrades, teacher professional development, personal protective equipment and facility enhancements to safely roll out the hybrid model, a combination of on-campus learning and remote access for students who need or prefer to remain at home. 


“We are so grateful for the work the faculty did this summer to prepare for the school year. Professional development on hybrid learning, student engagement, and Canvas, our new learning management system, has provided the faculty the tools needed for a successful learning experience for all students,” Colleen Ramsden, Associate Head of School for Academics and Student Life, said.



Parents’ Association Provides Transformational Funding

Long known for being a fundraising powerhouse in support of Ravenscroft’s mission, the Parents’ Association capped another strong year of community building and philanthropy with a gift to the school in support of the extraordinary work of faculty and staff in preparing for the return to school. In addition to providing funding for faculty professional development and the purchase of Canvas, the PA is partnering with the school to provide lunches for faculty and staff, many of whom will supervise students during lunch.  


“The PA is so proud to have the ability to support our Ravenscroft community in what is no doubt an extraordinary time in our school’s history,” 2019 PA Co-Presidents Nicole Carter and Georganne Santacaterina said. “With the ability to support faculty and students in the classroom and provide options for those who want to attend virtually, Ravenscroft provides a safe choice for everyone.” 




At Ravenscroft we live Lead from Here. Our legacy of excellence combined with our signature citizen leadership framework builds essential 21st-century skills and emphasizes the value of leading self, leading with others, and changing our world — molding citizen leaders who are prepared to thrive in a complex and interdependent world. 


In addressing the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ravenscroft is committed to delivering our mission through an educational experience deeply rooted in on-campus programming while also providing learning and teaching options for those who are unable to be on campus due to significant health risks of a faculty member, student or a family member in the residence.

In this particular moment Ravenscroft leadership, teachers and staff continue to model adaptability and resilience for our students as they work through feelings of uncertainty, and discomfort. Through creativity and perseverance, intellectual, artistic, and athletic inquiry built on hands-on experimentation and practice is taking place! Lessons in the classroom have taken on a new look— our Owl technology allows students and teachers to be part of the classroom even if unable to be physically present.  


Our Pre K team———

Our first week of lessons focused on social-emotional instruction along with learning classroom rituals and routines. We read lots of books about our feelings and the favorite was: How are you feelin’ Juan Pablo Chameleon?

-students are either in their very own “square” or are playing in a physically distanced manner!

-The kids have been AMAZING about wearing their masks.


While in fifth grade, ———

Team 5 has wheels!  Literally. Each of the 4 core class teachers roll into homerooms to teach their content. We, teachers, have been so impressed with the way in which all students “show up” to class. We have kept our sense of humor and welcome each and every one of our kids whether “fabulous face to face” or “valuable virtual” Our homerooms have built a community in various ways including read-aloud discussion on the book Mananaland by Pam Munoz Ryan. In math, students have told the story of their life in numbers, in LA they have shared summer reading and gotten started on creative writing, in SS they have explored fact and opinion and cause and effect as it relates to current events articles and in science, they are exploring the scientific method and how to think like a scientist in and out of the classroom!


Ravenscroft values independent thinking in the context of our strong social fabric, which is inclusive and supportive of all students. 

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