Raleigh Startup Aims to Help Breastfeeding Women

iMama aims to connect breastfeeding moms with lactation consultants through a telemedicine platform.
iMama connects breastfeeding moms with lactation consultants
iMama connects breastfeeding moms with lactation consultants

After giving birth, many breastfeeding moms experience postpartum problems. Around 70% of women experience difficulties breastfeeding and low milk supply. But having a new baby during a global pandemic adds a new layer of worry to most parents’ minds. Indeed, as of Jan. 21, nearly 2.68 million children had tested positive for COVID-19 over the course of the pandemic, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Raleigh startup iMama wants to support moms by providing telehealth access to certified lactation consultants.

iMama is a digital health platform that makes it easy for employers to provide breastfeeding moms with the benefit of lactation support. It’s the only solution of its kind that works to help both breastfeeding mothers and businesses achieve better outcomes.

  • The solution enables everyday tracking of breastfeeding sessions and easy access to telehealth services. Communication between the mother and the lactation consultant is secure and HIPAA-compliant.
  • All the nursing data that the mother collects through the tracking app is readily sharable with the consultant to help them make a data-driven decision.

Currently, beta testers of the service can receive a FREE 30-minute consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant®.

iMama aims to help businesses too. Now 50% of companies provide lactation-friendly benefits to support working women and help them retain their jobs. Research shows that 80% of millennials would switch jobs for better family-friendly benefits. It’s finally becoming the norm to support lactation in the workplace.

Founder of iMama, Liliana Cantrell MD, says: “Lack of support is the number one reason that causes almost half of working moms to stop breastfeeding or quit their jobs, and many mothers experience isolation and despair, especially at this time. We provide an effective solution for breastfeeding moms to get immediate help while staying safe in their own homes. They don’t have to go anywhere or expose themselves or their newborn baby to COVID.”

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