Raleigh March for Science Program Scheduled

The April 14 rally will include a Kids' March, voter registration and a Kids for Science Corner
Photo courtesy of Raleigh March for Science
Atom the Squirrel is a mascot of the Raleigh March for Science.

Scientists, families and community activists will gather at Halifax Mall for the Raleigh March for Science on April 14. Organizers hope to amplify the role of science in the region and strengthen the network of science advocates. The event includes a Kids’ March, voter registration, information tables where attendees can connect with advocacy organizations and a Kids for Science Corner.

Stepping off at 9:45 a.m., kids wearing Atom the Science Squirrel t-shirts and carrying signs will find their voice to stand up for science by moving their feet. Accompanied by the Paperhand Puppet Intervention and Oakwood Second Line, kids will take a lap while being cheered on by scientists and stargazers who are gathered at the Raleigh March for Science.

Katie McFarlane Thompson, nurse, mother and co-founder of Activating Families Across Raleigh (AFAR), explained the group’s decision to co-host the Kids March. “We hope to inspire curiosity and love for science, along with a passion for civic advocacy, in the next generation to inherit this Earth. We are going to need their innovation and creative problem-solving to help solve the multitude of environmental challenges facing us today and in the future.“

After marching, a Kids for Science Corner will feature hands-on science fun offered by groups ranging from the Space Hipsters to Rebus Works and Triangle DIY Biology. Dr. Eric Lazear, father and biotechnology instructor at NC State University, shared his decision to organize the Kids for Science Corner, “Every child is born a scientist – curious, testing the world around them. My goal is to help parents and kids to foster that curiosity into a life-long passion.“

Participants will also hear from a dozen leaders on the importance of using science to tackle critical issues. The rally will shine a light on the pivotal role that evidence-based science plays in protecting North Carolina’s natural resources and serving marginalized communities. Speakers will also send a strong message that science must be accessible to people from all backgrounds.

Marshall Brain, a nationally recognized speaker and author, Director of North Carolina State University’s Engineering Entrepreneurs Program and founder of HowStuffWorks, has confirmed his participation. “Medicines, microwaves, air conditioning, skyscrapers, smart phones, the Internet. … Science enhances everyone's lives in a thousand ways every day!" he says.

Other speakers confirmed to date include:

  • ACE Action Fellows (Alliance for Climate Education)
  • Marshall Brain (NC State University)
  • Luke Dollar (National Geographic Explorer)
  • Hongbin Gu (UNC School of Medicine, Town of Chapel Hill)
  • Bronwyn Lucas (MomsRising)
  • Katie Mack (NC State University)
  • Nancy Petty (Pullen Memorial Baptist Church)
  • David E. Price (US House of Representatives)
  • Ames Simmons (Equality NC)
  • Jamie Vernon (Sigma Xi)
  • Sarahn Wheeler (Duke Health)

Ames Simmons of Equality North Carolina says, “When we vote for politicians who choose to make policy based on false stereotypes of marginalized communities instead of actual data rooted in scientific methodology, we threaten to set back progress in our country to dark ages of superstition.” 

Asked why she’s speaking, Dr. Sarahn Wheeler says, “Disparities plague the health care system on multiple levels. I believe that science and research are our best hope for narrowing these disparities and creating equitable healthcare [for] everyone.”

To learn more about the Raleigh March for Science, visit raleighmarchforscience.com or email raleighmarchforscience2018@gmail.com

Source: Raleigh March for Science


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