Raising Kind Kids

Sprout Kindest Kid Contest

This week on the Today Show there have been some pretty amazing stories of kids who have found ways to give to others, as they spotlighted the five finalists of Sprout’s Kindest Kid contest. They’ve done things like collect coats for the needy and raise more than $10,000 for Make A Wish. Voting begins today to see who will get to be Chief Kindess Officer at Sprout for a day.

The great thing about this contest is that it not only highlights these amazing projects, but also encourages kindness in small ways on an everyday basis. Sprout’s Kindness Counter is now over a million and still going strong, thanks to kids doing things like playing with their siblings, sharing their toys, helping out their grandparents, planting a tree or flowers in the community and picking up trash.

We all want our kids to be kind and generous, and the best way to help them learn is to show them by our example. This is a great time of year to find a way to help others as a family. Here are a few opportunities in our community:
Operation Christmas Child. My kids always have fun picking out socks, crayons and other small items to be sent to a child overseas. Check out the website for a dropoff location near you, but remember to be sure to call first. Many locations are churches and might have limited hours.
Fox 8 Gifts for Kids
WXII Holiday Food Drive

And remember, giving to others doesn’t have to be something organized. You could bake cookies for a neighbor, or rake the �yard of someone who can’t do it themself. Take your kids with you to visit an elderly friend or pick up trash at your favorite park. Kindness begins at home, but it’s also easily spread!