Put Safety at the Top of Your Holiday To Do List

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With the holidays fast approaching, we've got more to do than we can realistically get done. Between the baking, shopping and cleaning, safety sometimes takes a backseat, and those we care for could be at risk.  The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is offering parents a timely reminder that although baby gear products are convenient and portable, parents should take precautions to avoid dangerous falls and accidents by using the products only as directed.

Here are a few JPMA reminders that could avoid an injury while visiting grandma, eating in a restaurant or simply giving baby a bath at home:

  • Hand-held infant carriers can easily transport baby safely from the car or stroller into your home. But once you're inside, don't place the carrier on a counter or table. If infant carriers are used out of the car, they should be placed on a flat floor, where there is no danger of it falling over.
  • Bath seats and infant bathtubs should be used inside the adult tub with water in the baby's tub only. Do not place the tub in the sink or on the counter unless instructions say so.
  • Booster seats should be safely attached using the restraining straps and should never be placed on an elevated surface.
  • Prevent a high chair from tipping over by keeping it far enough from the table, counter or wall so the baby can't push off.
  • Baby's movements can slide an infant seat or bouncer. Don't place the infant seat or bouncer near the edges of counter tops, tables or on other elevated surfaces.

If you have to go out holiday shopping with the kids, and who doesn't, you know that it can be a harrowing experience. Kids like to hide in clothing racks, escape from parents into crowded malls, and scream on the top of their lungs in stores. Who can blame them? It isn't the exactly fun shopping for gifts for adults, so children sometimes have to make their own excitement. If you'd like to take back control, see these easy steps to keep kids engaged in Keep Tots Happy & Safe During Shopping.

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