Put Raw Honey's Health Benefits to Work for Your Family

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Photos courtesy of Crafted Honey

Raw honey is much more than a great natural sweetener. It also offers a multitude of benefits you may not know about.

Bees make raw honey from flower nectar. Their honey contains up to 80 different substances important to human nutrition, including all of the B-complex vitamins and vitamins A, C, D, E and K. Raw honey's live enzyme content is also one of the highest in all foods and offers a variety of health benefits and medical uses. 

The type of bees producing the raw honey can also impact the honey production process and how pure the honey is. Russian bees, for example, are innately resistant to mites and have a docile temperament.

"By using Russian bees, we're able to produce honey in a completely natural way, because we don't need to apply miticides — a type of insecticide — to our hives," says Erica de Flamand, co-owner of Crafted Honey in Statesville, North Carolina. "Healthy and happy bees allow us to make the best and most nutritious honey we can."

Many large-scale "grocery store" brands heat and ultra-filter their honey to produce a uniform product in both color and consistency. However, this process removes all pollen and destroys many of honey's naturally occurring antioxidants and enzymes. Raw honey is not heated and therefore retains those beneficial antioxidants and enzymes.

Here are a few reasons to consider mixing raw honey into your family's meal plan. 

Consider purchasing honey from pure, raw honey bee keepers in North Carolina to care for the valuable pollinator populations in our country. Here are some healthy recipes that include raw honey and are sure to be approved by every member of your family.


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