Puppies May Improve Heart Health

Health Baby And Pup

Owning a pet, particularly a dog, might lower your risk of heart disease, according to a recent statement released by the American Heart Association in its journal, Circulation. A number of studies show a correlation between pet ownership and a decreased risk of heart disease.

In a study of more than 5,200 adults, dog owners were 54 percent more likely to get the recommended level of physical activity than non-dog owners, perhaps due to walking their pets. Owning pets may also be associated with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and a lower incidence of obesity. Pets have also been shown to have a beneficial effect on the body’s reaction to stress. Learn more at newsroom.heart.org (search for Pet Ownership).

Katherine Kopp is a freelance writer and editor in Chapel Hill. She and her husband are the parents of three daughters.

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