Protects Like a Mother – COVID-19 Vaccines Are Here to Protect Our Kids

The COVID-19 vaccine is an added layer of protection that is necessary to put the pandemic behind us.
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When Lauren’s grandfather passed away from COVID-19, she knew she had to do everything she could to protect her family from this illness. So when asked if she would protect her children with the COVID-19 vaccine, she confidently said, “yes!”

The vaccines are the best way to protect your child from getting seriously ill due to COVID-19. Parents have already done so much to keep kids healthy with virtual school, limiting playdates and canceling travel plans. The COVID-19 vaccine is an added layer of protection that is necessary to put the pandemic behind us.

The research is clear. The vaccine is a safe and effective way to protect your child from getting very ill or hospitalized due to COVID-19. Over 80% of adults in Wake County have already received the COVID-19 vaccine without any serious side effects. Children are receiving the same vaccine, only in a smaller dose for smaller bodies. Children across the country have participated in the vaccine trials, and the research indicates that it’s safe.

“We’re all in this together. Vaccinating children ages five and up will increase our whole community’s protection against COVID-19,” said Dr. Nicole Mushonga, Wake County Assistant Physician Director and Epidemiology Program Director. “I’m vaccinating my children, and I hope other parents do the same.”

Wake County Public Health has launched a special COVID-19 vaccine page to answer parents’ questions about the COVID-19 for children. Visit to find answers to your questions and listen to doctors’ advice and hear from parents who are choosing to vaccinate their children.

Parents can make an appointment to protect their child from COVID-19 at their pediatrician office, through Wake County Public Health or at area pharmacies and children’s hospitals. There is plenty of vaccine doses to cover all our kids.

Visit to find a vaccine location or make an appointment.

Prep For Protection!

Try these simple tips to help your child get the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Be Honest And Calm – Kids are smart. Prepare them for the vaccine visit. Explain that they may feel a little pinch, and it will go away very fast. Use words like “pressure” or “poke” rather than “pain” or “shot.” Remain upbeat and relaxed before, during, and especially after shots.
  • Sweet Treat – Tasting something sweet can help reduce the pain response from a shot. For example, give our child a small piece of candy 2 minutes before the shot. Even a very small amount can help reduce pain during shots.
  • Hug Them – Embracing your child will help them relax and move less. Keep them still by holding your child on your lap or have the child stand in front of you as you sit. Embrace your child during the process.
  • Distract Your Child – Right before the shot, call your child’s name, sing your child’s favorite song, or act plain silly to pull your child’s attention away from the shot giver. Then, keep the distraction going after the vaccine is given.
  • High Five – Give your child and yourself a high-five! You just protected your child with the COVID-19 vaccine. Your community thanks you!
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