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The Post Covid Classroom: Navigating The Transition Back To In Person School

Digital Advertising Opportunities via Carolina Parent

Reach parents in the Triangle-area using our highly targeted, award-winning digital marketing agency. Our digital strategy team can customize a targeted campaigns to lead results for your school!  Schedule a call with our digital strategy team today, click here.

Recommended products:

Programmatic Display
Get in front of your target market, our digital agency is widely integrated with all the major data exchanges. Display ads appear on the top 5,000 websites in the United States. Targeting capabilities include content, behavior, demographic, retargeting and geo targeting.

Device ID Display Campaign
Every mobile phone has a unique device ID number that is anonymously associated with the carrier of the device. Device ID Targeting and Geo Fencing takes advantage of that by monitoring the location information associated with each device (demographic data, visitor, frequency, household income and more). Device ID ads appear on local parent’s mobile phone apps. Target parents via these types of targeting strategies:

      • Visitor Targeting: Reach parents who have visited targeted locations in the past (area pre-schools, childcare centers, shopping centers/grocery stores, recreation centers, country clubs, etc.)
      • Competitor Targeting: Reach parents who have visited competitor locations in the past, regardless of where they are now.
      • Home Address Identification: Link device IDs to home addresses within your school’s target market.
      • and more!

Email Marketing
Dedicated email blasts sent out on behalf of the advertiser targeted to specific users (geographically and demographically) and delivered to their personal and/or work email address. Promote your fall open houses, registration deadlines and more!

SEO & Map Optimization
Stand out from your competition and expand your footprint. Appear on 200+ listings across the web, generate new reviews from parents, track month over month progress more. Our team of certified digital strategists will work with you to lean what people search for into Google to find your school and will optimize your campaign so your organization ranks higher throughout the web.  Get found on Google, Waze, Bing and more much!

Sample Bundle Campaign:

  • Programmatic Display – 50,000 impressions per month
  • Device ID Campaign – 40,000 impression per month
  • Email Marketing – 32,500 inboxes in one send

Price: $1,650 per month

BONUS! If your school participates in a 3-month digital program this fall, you will receive a bonus spotlight in our digital Open House Guide via featuring school open house dates. The Open House Guide will be promoted via social media and email marketing. The bonus spotlight includes premium positioning, photo, logo and test. The guide launches Sept. 15, 2021.

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