Programs for Gifted Kids

Question: A local university is running a program for gifted children this summer. They can take courses and participate in sports, art and musical activities. How can I tell if this program would be right for my daughter who is in fourth grade? – In a Dilemma

Answer: Summer programs can be great experiences for gifted children because these programs allow young people to work with peers who share their excitement about learning and skill level. A good program will not duplicate what is taught in the traditional school setting and will actively engage children in learning through projects, experiments and new areas of interest in small classes.

Find out all you can about the program. What courses will be offered? Are they taught by teachers who are knowledgeable in the areas they will teaching and experienced in working with gifted children? What is the age range in classes?

You can gather information about the program through reading its printed materials and talking to the program director. It is also very helpful to talk to students who have attended prior programs and their parents.

Your daughter needs to play an important role in the decision process. If she is enthusiastic about the program, the experience should be successful. It could also give her a wonderful opportunity to stretch her intellectual abilities.

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