Program Helps Students Avoid Scams

The Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina presents Scambusters game
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The Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina visited Kristen Hermida's fourth period civics and economics class at Wake Forest High School recently to share an informative presentation with students. Steve Fromme and Kayla Gilbert led students in a game called Scambusters, which was designed to introduce groups to the variety and danger of financial scams.

Participants learn to thoughtfully differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent offerings. The game, developed by the Better Business Bureau Educational Foundation of Eastern North Carolina, deals with the serious subject of being scammed — albeit in a fun manner — and the subsequent consequences.

Annual losses resulting from scams are estimated to exceed $50 billion and millions of people lose money every year to scammers. Scams are a very real problem in the U.S. and the problem continues to grow.

Although Scambusters was originally designed with high school students in mind, the program has proven so versatile that it has been successfully presented to audiences ranging from middle schoolers to senior citizens. Scambusters has also been adopted by other Better Business Bureaus and is now being presented nationally.

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