Prater Family Takes First Step Into Fit Family Challenge

Photo courtesy of the Prater Family
Prater family at Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia April 30, 2016

Last weekend, we kicked off the Fit Family Challenge by going to Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia. We had a lot of fun exploring waterfalls by the road, seeing the wild horses and climbing the rocky outcrop at the end of Rhododendron Trail. Then we stopped by a family-owned chocolate factory near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The beginning of the road to a healthy lifestyle is already full of ups and downs!

Jennifer (mom), Matthew (11) and Allyson (9) Prater courtesy of Prater family

As one of the spotlight families, I have met with experts who will help me and my kids through this challenge. I met with Evie Houtz, from Be Active Kids, a couple weeks ago. She helped me set some goals for myself and my kids. She sent me home with some tools to get more active. I also talked to Gaye Esser, from Redefine Balance, on the phone earlier this week. She helped me understand more about how I need to motivate myself and my kids through this challenge. For example, I've always had a problem with procrastination, so I have this internal "label" in the back of my mind, "I'm a procrastinator," therefore I procrastinate. I live up to my "label." I need to change my label. And I met with Ashley Acornley, the dietitian from Triangle Nutrition Therapy. She will help me figure out healthier meals and snacks. I asked her to focus on a Mediterranean diet since I've read it helps people with inflammatory problems.

“As a single mom, it has been heartbreaking to watch my kids gain weight. … I don’t think there have been enough realistic examples out here in the media to show the struggles of typical overweight families. I will take the challenge seriously and can’t wait to show off the results this summer!”
— Jennifer Quesenberry Prater

On Saturday, we went to Wake Forest to the Fit Family Challenge at the Meet in the Street festival. We had fun playing corn hole, and the kids shot some basketballs. I also met Jeannette, the Fit Family project manager, and talked about how the I can implement a healthy lifestyle for me and my kids. 

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