Poor Memorization Skills

Q: My children do their all their schoolwork and homework but find it difficult at times to memorize certain facts like the names of all the states. Do you have any memory tricks that would help them? — No Recall

A: Learning new material can be entertaining if you and your children make up rhymes and jingles. For example, it’s easy to remember: “In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

In the 1970s and 1980s, ABC-TV ran Schoolhouse Rock musical cartoons between kids’ shows on Saturday mornings. You may remember “Conjunction Junction” or “I’m Just a Bill” or “Interplanet Janet” (She’s a galaxy girl!). The Schoolhouse Rock series is now available on DVD and VHS, and the songs are available on CD. Try these songs or make up your own to help your children remember important facts. Or search for educational songs online or at a local music store.

Children can also find it easier to memorize facts by using mnemonic devices. For example, the four presidents after Carter can be remembered by the saying: “radish, broccoli, cucumber, broccoli) for Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush. The sillier the saying, the easier it is to remember.

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