Party Health and Safety for This Summer

Advice from Allstate
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If you’re planning a birthday party or other event this spring, here are some tips from Allstate Insurance Company’s blog to keep your guests safe and healthy.


Activity Safety

• Balloons are a common choking hazard. Good supervision and use of foil balloons instead of latex can help prevent choking hazards. Also avoid offering party favors with small parts, such as marbles or cars with wheels.

• If you offer a piñata as part of the party entertainment, designate a space far enough away from the piñata for guests to sit or stand in while watching the person “up at bat,” so there is no chance of innocent bystanders getting hit by the stick.

• If you rent a jump castle and/or moon bounce for your child’s party, be sure to work with a reputable company and ask to see safety certificates for the company’s equipment. Limit the number of children who can be inside the unit at one time, and make sure they aren’t wearing belts, shoes or jewelry that could cause an injury. Prohibit food and drink inside the unit, since spillage could make the area slippery.

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Food Safety

• Food allergies are quite common in children, and food poisoning can be a problem at birthday parties, too. Make make sure all food is cooked thoroughly, and cover and refrigerate food and drinks until children are ready to eat.

• Ask parents to inform you of any food allergies when they RSVP for your child’s birthday party.

• Ask that parents of children with food allergies bring an EpiPen in preparation for accidental allergic reactions. 

• Hot dogs are the top cause of food‑related choking in children. Hard candy, gum and marshmallows are other common risks for choking. Be cautious if you serve any of these foods.

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