Pack a Lunch Kids Will Eat


Strike a balance between what your child wants to eat and what you want him to eat with these healthy lunch-packing tips from WebMD and Our Best Bites, a mom-written blog about healthy cooking.

– Scoop out a whole-grain roll and fill it with tuna salad made with chopped apples and celery.

– Roll up a slice of turkey, Swiss cheese, a few leaves of fresh spinach and cranberry relish on a colorful wrap.

– Make your own parfait in a clear, plastic container that seals. Include low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, high-fiber cereal and a trail mix of Craisins, nuts and seeds.

– Make kabobs with colorful plastic cocktail stirrers you can reuse. Spear chunks of meat, cheese, pineapple and cherry tomatoes.

– Use large cookie cutters to cut out an entire sandwich or smaller ones to make finger sandwiches.

– Cut up apple slices and rub them with a quarter of a lemon. Then serve with peanut butter or marshmallow cream.

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