Open your Child’s World at Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary School

The school is Wake County’s first Center for Global Studies and Spanish Immersion program.



Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary School (DDMES) is Wake County’s first Center for Global Studies and Spanish Immersion program. Opportunities abound for students to make global connections while learning to speak Spanish or French.

Ddmes Language Classroom

Students who apply and are accepted into the Spanish Immersion program spend 90% of their instructional day learning in Spanish and 10% of their instructional day learning in English. The immersion program, which began with kindergarten this year, “allows students not just to become bilingual, but also to learn about different cultures and to become true global citizens,” says Ms. Rodriguez, a DDMES Spanish Immersion teacher from Ecuador. Ms. Wohlers, an immersion teacher from Guatemala, says her goal “is for children to feel comfortable using Spanish outside the school environment and to be able to communicate with more people. Students will not only learn vocabulary, but they will also learn how to read and write in Spanish.” Language learning is emphasized for all students at DDMES. Our world languages, Spanish and French are offered to students not participating in the immersion program.

Mrs Wohlers Photo Ddmes

With just a few weeks into the 2021-22 school year and you can already see global learning at DDMES. When you enter the 1st grade classroom of Ms. Newhouse, you see representations of the world around the room. “My goal is to make global learning meaningful, authentic, and relevant. I teach my first graders that they can be world changers.” In Teacher Wilson’s 5th grade classroom, students learn about the world through books, comics, maps, music, and more. “We read If the World Were a Village and our class discussed what it means to live in a global community and to be a global citizen.” Teacher Wilson is creating a classroom where global learning is seamless during core instruction.

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Come see global learning and language learning in action at DDMES! Sign up for a tour by contacting Dr. Carrie McKeown at or visit for more information.

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