North Carolina, Wake County Teachers Lead the Nation in National Board Certification

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North Carolina continues to lead the nation in teachers who have earned certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the country’s highest credential in the teaching profession.

North Carolina schools employ close to 21,000 teachers with NBPTS certification, making up nearly 21 percent of all U.S. teachers certified by the teaching standards organization. Wake County, currently the largest school system in North Carolina and the 17th largest nationwide, is home to the most nationally certified teachers in the country, a distinction it has held for 11 consecutive years. Public school teachers who earn national certification receive a 12 percent salary supplement.

“National board-certified teachers across the state are encouraged to serve as instructional leaders, provide candidate support, advocate for educational reform, and strive to continue growing as leaders in their classroom, schools, communities and state,” says Sonja Brown, coordinator for national board certification at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.


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