Newly Cool for Back to School

All sorts of new gadgets and gizmos are cropping up among the back-to-school supplies. Some are intended to make life easier, some are just meant to brighten up a pencil pouch.

There seems to be a Post-it Note for every purpose, from itty bitty tabs for books to re-stickable weekly planner sheets. For note-takers, there are pens and highlighters with attached dispensers for Post-it flags. Portable note holders contain a Post-it pad and small pen that slip easily into a purse or backpack. Assorted products start at $1.

USB flash drives are stepping up their style. Jazwares has come out with a line that is big on memory (up to 4GB) but positively miniature in size and designed to look like Hershey’s miniature candy bars, including Krackel and Mr. Goodbar. Sold separately, they range in price from $14.99 to $29.99.

And while you’re out shopping for school supplies, a local store hopes you might pick up some extras. Ten Thousand Villages, in Raleigh’s Cameron Village, is working with the Mennonite Central Committee to provide school supplies in areas of the world hard hit by violence, natural disaster and poverty. Donated supplies will be placed in hand-sewn drawstring bags and distributed worldwide.

The store is collecting new supplies through Aug. 31, 2009. Each kit requires: four spiral or perforated notebooks (around 70 sheets); four unsharpened pencils; a flat, flexible, foot-long plastic ruler with markings for both centimeters and inches; 12 colored pencils in packaging; and one large pencil eraser. Visit or call 919-821-1100 to learn more.

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