New Ways Families Can Get Fit Together

Taking a family approach to exercise is more fun than ever with new fitness opportunities in the Triangle.
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Taking a family approach to exercise is more fun than ever these days, thanks to new fitness opportunities popping up across the Triangle. Train like a NCAA Division 1 athlete, take the ninja warrior challenge or fly high in the sky to work muscles you didn’t know you had. It’s time to move out of your comfort zone and into one these uniquely fun activities.

Train Like a D1 Athlete

Walk into the D1 Raleigh sports training facility on an average day and you’ll see people of all ages running, lifting weights, flipping tires and waving ropes. It’s all part of the diverse athletic training options provided for ages 7 and older.

“It’s an ideal setting for mom, dad and kids to receive hands-on guidance for their fitness and/or athletic training goals,” says Kennie Apilli, owner and operator of the D1 Raleigh sports training facility.

Through various programs, Apilli says D1 workouts train the entire body in perfect balance, since participants focus on specific workouts — upper body, lower body, anaerobic cardio, aerobic cardio and recovery — on different days. D1 Raleigh’s offerings include:

  • Rookie class: For ages 7-11; designed to create a foundation in coordination, athleticism, body-weight exercises and proper running techniques.
  • Developmental classes: For ages 12-14; focuses on speed mechanics, weight lifting and spotting.
  • Prep classes: For ages 15-18; focuses on developing strength, power, speed and agility.
  • Adult programs: Boot camp, strength programs, personal trainers and more.

D1 Raleigh offers 20-workout packs for $360 that cover rookie, developmental, prep or adult sessions. The facility is located at 6330 Mt Herman Rd., Raleigh. Visit to learn about monthly membership options.

Take Fitness to New Heights

There’s nothing quite like catching air while you get fit. Aerial classes at body go fitness, are designed for all ages and focus on technique, form, safety, artistry and expression. If that isn’t your thing, sweat out some stress and calories in BUTI yoga, or find your inner warrior by taking a self-defense class. bodygo’s offerings include:

  • Aerial classes: Participants use devices ranging from a trapeze to an aerial hoop to gain strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Fitness classes
  • Self-defense classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Birthday parties
  • Special events

Prices range $15-$120 for fitness classes and $25-$200 for aerial classes. An all-inclusive monthly membership option is $180. body go is located at 2945 S. Miami Blvd., #130-131, Durham. Learn more at

Pursue Tranquility

Step into Little Guru Kids and you will sense the peaceful atmosphere that co-owners Jen Bluestone and Jen Davis have created. Little Guru Kids offers classes for babies, kids, teens and families, and Bluestone says they focus on more than just yoga.

Trainers teach classes in a circle to facilitate a peaceful environment and create connections. They include affirmations to build self-esteem and self-confidence.

“It’s a great way for parents to continue to have a bond with their children,” Bluestone says.

Each session lasts six weeks. Little Guru Kids’ offerings include:

  • Parent and baby class: For ages 6 weeks to crawling with a parent.
  • Parent and toddler: For walkers to age 3 with a parent.
  • Preschool: For ages 3-5.
  • Kids yoga: Categorized by kindergarten through second grade, and third through fifth grade.
  • Tween and teen yoga.
  • Family yoga: For ages 3-10 and parents.
  • Special sessions: Offered throughout the year.
  • Summer camps.
  • Birthday parties: Options include yoga, art, or a yoga-and-art combination.
  • Kids teacher training: A program that trains adults to become yoga instructors for kids.

Pricing is $16 per drop-in class, $75 for a six-week yoga series, $90 for a six-week art series and $90 for a six-week class pass. Little Guru Kids is located at 215 Glenwood Ave., Ste. A, Raleigh. Learn more at

Take the Ninja Warrior Challenge

It’s hard not to have fun at Warrior Tech OCR in Morrisville, where you will find families pretending to be ninjas and experiencing a sense of pride as they complete obstacles.

A variety of classes for all ages are offered at the same time, so kids can participate in a Ninjafit class while parents join in a full-body adult fitness class. For safety reasons, kids must be at least 5 years old to participate. Offerings include:

  • Ninjafit classes for kids: Participants focus on completing obstacles.
  • Adult fitness classes: Involves full-body exercises for increasing agility, strength and endurance.
  • Open Rig: Families have access to facility’s rigs and obstacles and can test their skills at their own pace.
  • Camps: Offered year-round, including summer sessions.
  • Birthday parties: For ages 5 and older.

A punch pass costs $20 for one visit, $175 for 10 visits and $300 for 20 visits. Punch passes don’t expire and can be shared. Memberships cost $99/month for unlimited classes. Additional family members are $69/month. A play membership costs $65/month and offers unlimited access to all scheduled open rig times but can’t be used for classes. Warrior Tech OCR is located at 220 Dominion Dr., Ste. G, Morrisville. Learn more at

Make New Moves, Work New Muscles

You can also conquer obstacles at Enso Movement in Raleigh and Durham, a parkour fitness facility where customers of all ages can enjoy activities involving swinging, climbing, jumping and more.

During Enso Movement’s classes, coaches focus on new skills, strength, conditioning and flexibility. Participants learn skills and improve their strength, conditioning and flexibility. Students jump over obstacles and balance on their hands. All of these different movements work a variety of muscles. Students must be at least 6 years old to participate. Offerings include:

  • Parkour classes: Obstacle course training.
  • Tricking classes: Combines martial arts, flips and twists.
  • Handbalancing classes: Involves handstands and balancing.
  • Open gym: Offered at various times to allow families to explore the gym on their own.
  • Track-out camps: Kids conquer physical obstacles, play games that build confidence and enjoy open practice sessions. Full-week and half-week camps are also offered.

An open session costs $10 and memberships start at $75/month. Enso Movement is located at 3200-115 Wellington Ct., Raleigh and 1408 Christian Ave., Ste. C, Durham. Learn more at

Michele Jonczak, a freelance writer from Raleigh, is a mother of two boys and a girl.


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