New Books for Babies, Preschoolers

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Children learn the foundations for reading skills long before kindergarten. Listening to singing, rhyming and talking are important first steps on the road to reading, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Many children first learn about books while sitting on the lap of a parent or grandparent. Spend time reading with the children in your family by choosing from these popular selections for young kids.

Baby’s Colorful World (Simon and Schuster, $4.99) by Jean McElroy is a simple board book that introduces toddlers to colors. Children can learn about objects, too, since the thick, easy-to-turn pages include pictures of items such as a blue mitten, yellow banana, red strawberry and green frog. This lightweight book is small enough to keep in a purse or diaper bag. Ages infant to preschool. Board book.

The joy and affection of grandmothers is the theme of Grandma Calls Me Gigglepie (Random House, $7.99), a sweet book highlighting some of the endearing nicknames grandmothers have for their grandchildren. The simple, rhyming verse and playful illustrations make this a perfect selection for preschoolers. Written by J.D. Lester with illustrations by Hiroe Nakata. Ages infant to preschool. Board book.

In Brownie and Pearl Take a Dip (Simon and Schuster, $13.99), Newbery-winning author Cynthia Rylant and illustrator Brian Biggs capture the refreshing fun of a dip in a backyard pool. This fourth book in a charming series continues the antics of Brownie and her cat Pearl. Ages 3-5. Hardcover.

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe: A Counting Nursery Rhyme (Random House, $6.99) offers a new twist on a classic nursery rhyme. Young children can learn to count from one to 10 by reciting this familiar rhyme. Cutout windows show colorful shapes that are transformed into playful circus scenes as children turn the page. Author and illustrator Salina Yoon was a finalist for the 2010 CBC’s Children’s Choice Book Awards. Ages 4-8. Board book.

As different animals come upon an abandoned book in the forest, they find creative uses for it that include everything from a makeshift shelter to the perfect table. The Wonderful Book (Scholastic, $16.99) by Leonid Gore ends when a young boy comes along, recognizes the book and sits down to read it to all of the animals. Ages 4-8. Hardcover.

Chamelia ($16.99, Little Brown and Company) by Ethan Long is a delightful story about a chameleon that likes to stand out rather than blend in. But when standing out means being left out, will Chamelia decide to share the limelight? Ages 4-8. Hardcover.

When the World Was Waiting for You (Bloomsbury, $14.99), written by Gillian Shields and illustrated by Anna Currey, celebrates the joy of expecting a new baby. It begins with the lyrical verse: “When the world was waiting for you, the air was bright, the sun seemed new,” and continues in a sweet, rhythmic vein to tell the story of baby’s exciting and happy arrival. Ages 4-8. Hardcover.

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