Nearly 1 in 4 Children Live at Risk of Hunger in Greater Triangle Area

Dear Teacher

It’s been a momentous week for parents in the Triangle. We’ve sent our kids in schools on a tradition calendar off to a new academic year. We lived through an earthquake and the wrath of Hurricane Irene. But this week also brought shocking news that might have slipped by unnoticed with everything else that was going on.

The nation’s largest hunger relief organization, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and Feeding America, on Thursday released a new study showing that in the greater Triangle area nearly one in four children live at risk of hunger. The study, “Map the Meal Gap: Child Food Insecurity 2011,”reveals that 23.2 percent of children under age 18 are struggling with hunger in the greater Triangle area. The study also showed that the rate is about the same nationwide.

So how can we help? Across the Triangle, agencies are fanning out to help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and mentor children who need guidance, and area parents and children are among those volunteering to provide that assistance. Carolina Parent took a look at how some of those parents and children find time to give back in an article, Caring in the Community. From delivering food to low-income residents on behalf of Inter-Faith Food Shuttle to tap dancing for children at Governor Morehead School for the Blind, kids and their families are finding unique ways to reach out.

If you’re interested in helping out, see the online resource list at the end of Caring in the Communityarticle for links to agencies, like food banks, where families can volunteer.

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