NC State Board of Education Adopts 10-Point Grading Scale for High Schools, Reduces Credit for Advanced Placement Courses

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The N.C. State Board of Education recently approved switching to a 10-point grading scale at North Carolina high schools. The new scale will go into effect for freshmen enrolling in the 2015-16 school year and replace the current seven-point grading scale. Under the new policy, an A is a score of 90 or higher, rather than the previous score of 93-100; a B is 80-89, rather than 85-92; a C is 70-79, rather than 77-84; a D is 60-69, rather than 70-76 and an F is 59 and below, rather than 69 and below. The board approved the change to simplify the system and level the playing field for students applying to college. Most high schools and colleges across the country use a 10-point grading scale.

In a separate move approved the board, and also beginning with next year’s freshman class, students taking advanced placement, international baccalaureate and honors courses will get less credit for those classes on their grade point averages. High school students who receive an A for AP and IB courses will receive 5 quality points under the new plan, rather than the current 6 points. Students receiving an A in an honors course will receive 4.5 quality points instead of 5. The change, according to state education officials, is intended to minimize grade inflation, achieve equal weighting for college-level courses and reduce the disincentive for students to take high school courses in areas that do not have honors or AP options.

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