'National Parks Adventure' Opens in 3D at Marbles IMAX Theater

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Courtesy National Parks Adventure 3D/IMAX at Marbles

Have you dreamed of gazing down the Grand Canyon or of watching the geysers at Yellowstone National Park with your family? "National Parks Adventures," a 3D movie celebrating the centennial of the U.S. Park Service, puts you there and many more awe-inspiring places in vivid detail.

The movie, which opened Feb. 27 at Marbles IMAX in downtown Raleigh, takes the viewer on a beautiful journey to America’s wildest places and tells a lyrical and moving story of how America’s national parks came into being and why they matter.

Narrated by actor Robert Redford with simple eloquence, the "National Parks Adventure" documentary puts the viewer in precarious places as he or she journeys with three explorers to perch atop golden canyons, climb frozen mountains and venture into hidden caves where icicles glisten like chandeliers. Geography, history, poetry and music meld as we learn about the native Indians who first loved the land, and later, how poet John Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt came together to help develop the park system.

Courtesy National Parks Adventure 3D/MARBLES IMAX

While the scenes are awe-inspiring, they are occasionally comical — viewers see the antics of the residents who live in the wilderness, such as young bears’ first attempts to catch salmon. World-class mountaineer Conrad Anker, adventure photographer Max Lowe and artist Rachel Pohl each have their own personal stories to reveal as viewers venture with them on their intrepid travels. Take your children to see the beauty that is their heritage and to inspire them to appreciate and keep it wild for generations to come. Go to get ideas for new places to travel with your family on vacation. 


Tickets cost $7/adult and $6/per child (under age 12). Learn more.

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